7 Tips to give the best customer service

customer care7 tips to give the best customer service. There are thousands of gyms in the city and hundreds of sports coaches , how to make your business stand out? How to make a difference and increase your income? The key is to offer the best customer service you can imagine. Learn 7 tips or management activities that you can implement in your gym right now.

How to improve customer service in the workplace

Before starting with an operational plan we must define what our client is looking for, for example: if the client wants to practice an activity to stay in shape, develop their physical capacities and establish social relationships, he will look for the best alternative to achieve it. As we have already mentioned, the client will go to the best possible option and there we enter with our quality service and above all offering an option according to their needs.

If my client is looking for a spinning class, he will find where there is the right equipment, the instructor that motivates him and knows the subject, a clean environment and where he can socialize. Can we offer him this? Then go ahead, it’s your chance.

We must make it clear that consumers are an active part of the elaboration process. The service includes non-measurable elements such as schedules, activities that require the facilities to be taught and there, I emphasize again the quality of service, good facilities, cleanliness, decoration, lighting, parking.

Our service will be of better quality when we train our customer contact staff more, as always a good service leads to a good recommendation and therefore customer satisfaction and satisfaction of the owner.

There is a circle of strategies that lead us to create a circuit of excellence :

  • Plan (plan the action)
  • Do (application of what was planned)
  • Review (evaluation and monitoring of results)
  • Act (seek continuous improvement of the whole process)
  • By carrying out these steps with constancy, we will arrive at a mechanical action of providing our service. We must also take into account the following variables: people, physical environment and processes.

People : these are all those who intervene in the provision of the service and those who consume it.
Physical environment : we talk about the place where the service is provided and the environment in which the entity interacts with consumers.
Processes : are the procedures, mechanism and flow of activities that allows to provide the service as well as operating systems.
The authors Zeithmal and Bitner suggest a list of actions or activities to achieve an excellent service:-

  • Offer
  • Prices.
  • Communication
  • Distribution and sales.
  • Staff and customers
  • Physical environment
  • Application process

The customers are part of the process of providing the offer, in addition to exercise, many customers seeking a common place to socialize with people who have the same interests.

The price will be determined as we have talked about the area, the type of service we are providing, the facilities, the investment of equipment and training and even the personnel we hire. It is worth mentioning that sometimes a reasonable price is better that generates more assistance than a very expensive one with few customers.

Communication can be divided into communication as a means of advertising or as the socialization that occurs between our customers or even communication between coach and client. Whichever one we are defining must be in the best possible and always positive way towards the total satisfaction of the client and continuous improvement of the service provider , in this case the gym or personal trainer .

When we talk about distribution and sales, we manage statistics of inflows and profits obtained by our service. Statistically this must be constantly monitored to act before a mismatch that leads to losses.

The staff must be in constant training to provide a better service and always be of human quality, remember a happy customer is our best recommendation letter.

The physical environment should always be in the best conditions, cleaning schedules should be planned for the busiest times.

Carrying out all the steps or points will lead us to a positive balance in our business.

Something important to take into account are the periods of influx of customers. We must locate what is the preference of our clients to offer them what they are looking for.

To achieve the best customer service, let’s think about your itinerary of activities each time you arrive at the gym:

  • Before your class or training session: offer parking, receive it in the best way, make everything available and within reach.
  • During the session: the availability of the teacher, advice, personalized attention, receive a good class or training session.
  • After the session: clean changing rooms, cafeteria, green area or socialization, farewell until departure.

In summary we must meet the expectations of customers during each phase worrying about facilitating their stay to the fullest. It is necessary to foresee the management of the relationship with each of our clients. In short, it is about conquering, knowing, guiding, serving and keeping customers.

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