10 Amazing Facts Regarding Indian Trains

There are many things about Indian Railway which is biggest and oldest organization in the country that many people are still ignorant about. Let us know ten interesting things about Indian Trains in India.indian railway

1. Indian Railways started on 16th April 1853. Today if all the tracks of Indian Railways are connected directly, their length is 1.5 times more than the supposed size of the Earth.

2. Until now no train driver left the train at such a time when he was confronted with a life-threatening situation.

3. There is also a railway station in the country which comes under the borders of two states. The name of this station is Navapur. Half of which is in Maharashtra and half in Gujarat.

4. The country’s slowest speed train is 10 km Runs at an hourly pace. This train passing through the mountains is Mettupalayam Otti Nilgiri Passenger. Its speed is so slow that people can quickly descend and climb from moving trains.

5. The largest name railway station in India is Venkatanarsimharajuvaripeta, while the smallest Naval railway station is IB, which is in Odisha.

6. The country’s longest train is the Gauhati-Trivandrum Express, which usually lasts for 10 to 12 hours.

7. The country’s largest rail tunnel is in Pir Panjal of Jammu and Kashmir. The length of which is 11.215 km.

8. The longest traveling train in India is Vivek Express. Which is 4273 km from Dibrugarh (Assam) to Kanyakumari.

9. The distance between Nagpur and Ajni railway station is just 3 km which is the least distance for which a separate train is used.

10. You may get surprised to know that Indian Railways website has more than 12 lakh hits per minute. There are millions of cyber attacks on this, but the railway website never stops.

Source: The Indian Railway Recruitment

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