How Concrete Flooring Is Done

If you are planning to lay a concrete floor then following are the steps you need to follow:-

Concrete flooring

Step 1: Compaction of the soil, with the observation and study of the terrain before beginning the preparation so that this structure is installed correctly.

Step 2: Preparation of the sub-base, with stones or cement soil, according to what was designed by the specialist for the work. It all depends on the environment and what the floor will have to withstand. The concrete floor of a cargo industry, for example, needs to be sturdier than a supermarket, and so on, changing according to design.

Step 3: A watertight barrier is installed to prevent soil moisture from passing to the surface, as well as the placement of a tarpaulin so that the floor can “move” in the sub-base;

Step 4: Concrete, according to the type of concrete floor is chosen. It is a process that needs to be very well done and managed, always by specialized professionals.

Step 5: Floor leveling, according to project specifications, whether straight or inclined. Flatness is also important to prevent problems from appearing too soon. You can also choose joint-less flooring solutions which has the advantage of being seamless.

Step 6: Expect the concrete floor curing procedure, which is usually done with polypropylene. The chemical cure is also an option, but many experts do not indicate and prefer the traditional method.

Step 7: With the complete installation, the surface finishing is done with the famous “surface finishers”, machines that will leave the floor with the highest friction, rough, sanded, sandblasted, that is, according to the initial proposal and the space that is being designed. After that, you can put a base, but avoid getting wet in the first few days.

By : Convow Concrete Flooring

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