How to Increase your Website Seo Rankings on Google?

If you have a brand new website and wish to improve its visibility on search engines then you need to follow certain guidelines which will help your website to rank higher on search engines. Whether you need best seo services or wish to do seo yourself, you need to acquaint yourself with these basic Seo rules and techniques.

Seo Company – Seo Hawk brings you some of the best Website Optimization Techniques which will help you improve your Rankings on Google.

Search Engine Optimization is divided in two basic steps:

  1. On-Page – This step is very important and helps to ensure that your website is seo friendly.
  2. Off-Page – This step builds overall popularity of your website by sharing your content on social networking sites, forums and many more websites

The search engines rank websites to help users find the best sites that are relevant. Google takes time to examine and index your site and, therefore, it takes time to increase the SEO. Your rankings depend on a variety of factors including content, descriptions, links, host, URL and more.

How to Increase Your Website SEO Rankings?

1. Use only relevant content

Google changed its algorithm and, instead of creating content while focusing solely on keywords, you one should actually concentrate on creating content for your visitors and not search engines

2. Use a domain with keywords!

Domain with keyword still ranks higher on Google. However, you need to avoid overdoing it.

3. Actively sharing your content on other websites.

Much of the classification of search engines comes from external links and traffic. That means that higher the number of authority sites link to your website, better the rankings on search engines.

Get Started to publish your site on blogs, forums, and social networks! Create a profile of Google Plus. Add your URL to your LinkedIn profile, email signature and other networks. Find the places where people are interested in what you do and share!

4. Complete meta descriptions page.

Any text used in meta description is directly displayed in Search Engine Results. Therefore, focus on creating catchy Meta Description which will help to improve CTR (i.e Click Through Rate)

5. Write a descriptive title.

The title is the text displayed in the title bar in the browser viewer. This is the gateway of your page. Do it attractive! “Jorge freshly baked pizza in Madrid” is better than “Jorge shop”.

6. Add keywords to your headlines.

Titles are important for SEO because search engines give extra weight the header text. Therefore, it is better to add descriptive text in titles. For example, “About Jorge’s Best Bakery in Madrid ” is better than “About” as the heading of the section “About”.

7. Add descriptions of all images.

As search engines do not understand pictures, look for image descriptions. An image description will help search engines to index your image, which helps index your site. These are the same as adding “alt” tags in HTML.

NOTE: Try to keep your image sizes below 200 KB. The best size for website images (desktop and laptop) is about 50 KB. This will improve performance and experience! The image quality is better if the compresses on your computer before charging.

8. Submit a Google a site map!

Create and submit the sitemap now.

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